Our History

Compa is a company founded in 1959 by Pietro Pasini and Morselli Lamberto, specialized in the design, production and sale of woodworking machines. Initially located in Carpi, it later moved its headquarters to Campogalliano to adapt to growing industrial needs.

Compa has mainly focused on the production of single and double miter saws, planers and combined woodworking machines. The Compa brand has always been associated with professionalism and quality, aiming to create functional machines suited to the needs of carpenter craftsmen. Our machines are designed to work on small production batches in the laboratory, workshop or on site.

In the 1980s, Compa achieved great success with the launch of the 300 Jet portable miter saw, which opened up a hidden market requiring a machine that was light in weight but with performance comparable to larger and heavier competitors. This success has led to the creation of a wide range of similar products, to meet the needs of an increasingly large and diversified clientele.

Over the years, Compa has adapted to the increasingly selective and competitive market, expanding and diversifying its product range to include not only wood and its derivatives, but also metallic materials such as aluminium, iron and mixed materials.

In the 2000s, the market required semi-professional and hobbyist products, and Compa managed to seize this opportunity by introducing new lines of miter saws and a vast range of combined machines, suitable for both professionals and advanced hobbyists.

At the same time, Compa acquired the brand and the equipment for the production of OMS machines, consolidating its position in the miter saw sector. This acquisition has allowed Compa to preserve and enhance the tradition and mechanical excellence of the Carpi district.

Our aim

Today, Compa offers a wide range of miter saws, ranging from entry-level models for the casual hobbyist to highly professional products, with a wide price spread. We are committed to meeting the needs of different types of users by providing high-quality machines with easy-to-adjust mechanical characteristics.

In addition, Compa also supplies a number of ancillary products and offers a competent and responsive support service, distinguishing itself from its direct competitors.

In the future Compa intends to continue diversifying the product aiming to reach the customer with the most innovative and increasingly mature technologies, as well as guaranteeing the customer a reliable, efficient, and last but not least, always present presence and after-sales support.