Doublematic 400

Cod. D.MAT.400 LSt (Legno Standard) – EAN 8032770662302
Cod. D.MAT.400 ASt (Alluminio Standard) – EAN 8032770662289


Models Doublematic are available in versions:
• diameter blade 400 mm
L – equipped for WOOD cutting:
A – equipped for ALUMINIUM cutting
STANDARD – (minimum cut. 485mm)


• electric-pneumatic command system
• blades hydraulic descent
• 2 horizontal pneumatic vices
• 2 vertical pneumatic vices
(STANDARD version only)
• self-braking engines
• 1 intermediate support (STANDARD version)

All models can be delivered on demand with different cutting lengths and/or several mobile cutting units.

Technical specifications

Standard equipment

Replacement tools

Doublematic 400 L standard:

  • 4002039z96lSP Sega d.400mm z.96 f.30 X Legno EAN 8032770662357

Doublematic 400 A standard:

  • 4002039z96aSP Sega d.400 z.96 f.30 X Alluminio EAN 8032770661626


Additional, intermediate mobile support with pneumatic clamps

Digital display for cuting lenght

Additional, intermediate mobile support

Inverted heads (minimum cut 90 mm)